And The Electic Guitar Beat Goes On

We are VERY pleased to announce the sponsoring of one student to study at the world-famous (well Switzterland ……  well, Zurich anyway) guitar studio of Goncalo Crespo.


Mr Crespo has a enviable reputation for teaching guitar at his widely praised guitar school and has recently announced the opening of another one on Limmestrasse street in the heart of Zurich.

In celebration of the resounding success of last year’s students the school is sponsoring one student to learn how to mix in electronic guitar chords and styling into trance music.  The results so far have been impressive as you hear, here.  (Note:  none of this band are his students but you can hear coolness of mixing electric guitar with trance music here)

To apply you can visit the new electronic guitar tuition website and look for the widget to the application form. PLEASE read the following requirements:

You must be an advanced guitar player

16 years old minimum.

Experienced at playing all kinds of music, including classical and trance (yes, that wide of a range)

You must live within 2 hours public transport ride of Zurich city centre

Some experience of mixing your own music is a bonus.

Get going and make your sound even cooler with some extra tuition with a master guitarist and music mixer.